A Floral Story

Fusca Designs is a Swedish based pattern design studio with a unique view on textile design. Set up by Franny Engle, Franny creates designs that invite nature's beauty into a more intimate setting.

Thoughtful Design

All designs begin with her own original artwork and are produced with longevity in mind; for in house collections, collaborations and bespoke. 

Franny’s work is hugely inspired by botanicals, with a desire to harness the sensations of wellness and grounding experienced in nature.  Many of Franny’s designs originate from her own surroundings and her first collection Tulip Lily is inspired by tulips in her own cottage garden on the South-West coast of Sweden. 

The colours used in the designs are also deeply considered. This reflects Franny’s time studying her masters degree at  Goldsmiths College, London, where her dissertation focus was on the perception of colour and emotion in art. 

Using natural materials is equally vital to the philosophy of Fusca Designs; not only as a contributing factor concerning sustainability, but also as a mark of quality and feel. To this end, all products are locally manufactured in Sweden, wherever possible free of chemicals and with ethical production and minimal waste approach in mind. 


If you are interested in a collaboration or bespoke design please get in touch

All about the name

Isn't it interesting how every name has a story? The name Fusca originates from Clematis fusca coreana and is Franny's middle name given to her by her father, a horticulturist and clematis breeder.