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Attention to detail when sourcing materials is vital to the process and philosophy of our designs; not only as a contributing factor concerning sustainability, but also as a mark of quality and feel.

We believe that it should be primary that the things we choose to spend on, add not only to our own lives but to the lives of others.

As a designer, this means making design choices that beneficially impact the wellness of others.

All designs are first imagined and created by Franny, before being locally manufactured. We select materials and processes that are robust (can withstand time and are adaptable to changing future needs), that are as low maintenance (pieces that do not need to be replaced frequently), that are as low emission and resource efficient as possible (low carbon footprints) and that meet or exceed intended functionality and performance within the home.


We support our local community using only local artisans and specialists based in Borås and Malmö to transform our designs from thought to product. Together, we share an interest in ethical manufacture (good health and fair pay for all involved) and a minimal waste approach. 

Every printed textile uses water-based paints rated as Oekotex 100+, this means that the paints meet high requirements with low limit values ​​for harmful chemicals. We use pigment printing in our process, and that means that the printing method consumes very little energy and there is almost no waste paint or waste water.  


Franny has a unique approach to design, influenced by her postgraduate degree in psychology. That is why, when designing, Franny considers the physical and emotional impact of her designs. Health and well-being are in truth impacted by various factors (like genetics, behaviour as well as environmental factors) but design quality has been strongly linked to mental health as well. In fact, it is suggested that certain colours, hues and textures appear to promote balance and harmony. 

For this reason we believe strongly that design for the home has an enabling role in benefiting wellness within the home; meaning that we invest considerable thought and time in selecting the right hues, tones and materials for each design.